DUE TO BE UPDATED WITH BETTER PHOTOS, Please be patient as I have enemies wasting my time, effort, and money needlessly to defend our livelihoods here.These frames of gems and jewelry are all the original posting from last decade. I custom wrap in Argentium Silver and 14ktGF 20/80 now.

Virgin Valley Opal in Wood Matrix Beads and Pendants. Bezel set and wire wrapped Virgin Valley Opals and some Andamooka Matrix beads.  
Precious Opal Beads Opal Matrix Beads Gold Opal Jewelry Sterling Silver Opal Jewelry Wire Wrapped Opal
     Most of the wood and opal beads were lumbered and stabilized with Epoxy. Those drilled holes were all re-treated to insure no existing fractures could compromise the stones strength. I include a linen cord with the pendants or a silver chain for $15 extra.  At present I don't create with pure gold.

$30 Wire waraps in SS or 14kt GF
  $30 Sterling Silver and 14 kt Gold Filled genuine gemstone wraps with a linen cord.
$25 wire wraps in 14kt GF or SS some Fine silver
2012 selection of $25 dollar wraps and some art deco car cufflinks.

$20 dollar wraps above the typical necklace cord divider and $15 dollar wraps below the cord.
$20 dollar and $15 dollar wraps in Sterling Silver or 14kt Gf

I have these $5 dollar below the line and $10 dollar above the line wraps. Earrings are American made mostly, opals are lab triplets.
$5 dollar and $10 dollar wraps and lab triplets with SS real stone earrings.

    Swordfish Minings' good reputation was made as prospectors & miners offering a miner direct source of loose stones and cutting rough since 1993 in person. The claims operation was self defense against a "smart ass" claimjumper in prison that played rope a dope.

     Wire wrapped jewelry created by John Church. Vera Cruz Amethysts, Titanium crystals, Opals,  Lapis, Turquoise, and just about any gemmy crystal or nice material I could get wire around.
$30 wire wraps wire jewellry gold wire jewellery
Sterling Silver wire pendants
$25 each Wire Wrapped Pendants.  Dragon fly by Jon Goode (On Facebook) has been Sold. He's been back to mine more!

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