This opal cast is the ONLY PRECIOUS OPAL FOSSIL OF A SNAKE HEAD, go ahead and Google it! This will end up in the Smithsonian if not bought by a lucky collector who wants to have the ONLY one. Call for pricing.
     THE precious opal snake head consists of pure precious white opal and covered with crystal opal precious contra luz. The head cast was made when the snake was caught in a landslide and swept into the ash with woods and rocks. I have it preserved in glycerin and the body segment I found nearby in the dry tailings is dry and has not crazed in over 20 years. This came from the Rainbow Ridge fee dig mine in 1992. That's one half that has been dry for more than long enough to prove it did not need to put the head cast into glycerin to not craze. It makes the colors jump. This cast is of straight up color white base precious opal with good multicolor play of fire. The outside covering layer of opal, which was against the matrix and cast the snakes skin, is an airy contra luz in yellow green with red flashes. Non experts don't believe it is real, but I have to pry it out of biologists hands I've shown it to.  Interested parties please contact me directly for certification information.
Precious opal snake head cast
     A CAT scan was un-conclusive to species as it was shot 90 degrees off optimum. Thanks to the Nuclear Medicine Department at Merle West Hospital in Klamath Falls, Or. for their help with the scans- included with purchase. There is a wealth of metaphysical power in this fossil as I keep being told by others. The gemstone makeup magnify's all the other properties. The serpent, or snake, in mythology symbolized knowledge and is used repeatedly in different religions.
     The fossil was made with the tip of the chin above the last layer of opalization (belly up) on the outside of the fossil. There is no visible internal structures like bones replaced and the cast is of the surface features only. A world renowned expert (who is forced to be anonymous by his employers I assume) stated it was probably a Western Shovel Head snake that were fairly common in the early Miocene and it was a pity the nose was out of the solution and the whiskers were not preserved. That would have been instantaneous species ID and not have to ID the scale plates on the head. He could not see any internal structure in the core under 10x loupe. He was not positive to the species but it was definite it was a snake and not some lizard by it's dimensions. The scale patch on the head needs to be matched to positively identify the exact species.  Snakes can be cavity casts just like sticks. I was told Mrs. Leaky found an agate replaced snake when digging in Africa (and opal necklace) Soft tissue casts ARE SO MUCH RARER than a bone or tooth, they are miracles.
     This is a 3 dimensional fossil cast in precious gemstone from America. Serious true one of a kind item for one collection. There is not going to be another one of these ever found most likely. Principles and dealers only please, no consigners.  It is an all natural gemstone serpent fossil that is truly ONE OF A KIND. It was in tailings on top of dust in July when found on private property, hence legal to possess in a personal collection.
gemstone snakeBottom

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