Little black on blonde chip -red direction.
Some of the nicest things come in the smallest packages. Like a nebula floating in a prism.
Close up Virgin Valley Opal art.
Closeup of rolling flash. (Nice lens flare)
Veiw from the Swordfish Fee Dig at the North side of Virgin Valley
The wide open space of Virgin Valley from the logs.
Branch ends from the long one.
These are the end pieces of the long one. The water dried off the POC area. From black precious opal to opal on wood to crystal opal with POC the whole way along. The middle has a few inches with wood mainly, but the ends are pure precious gem Black and gem Crystal opal. Plume play fire in multicolor's is the pattern. It weighted 31 1/2 oz when mined.
The long one laid outJuly 09
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Tops gemstone 10x15 2.6ct  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLCfSeozT1I  and black twigs.
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Snow DayJust a little snow fell that winter in the mid 90s.

Solid walls of water will not stop the rock show. Snyder's Pow Wow May 2003. Snyders POW WOW 2003 mud walk
Opal vendors
Not a shabby day to pick out some night bright tops cutters.
Treated black super gem halequin  sold Super gem Black
Virgin Valley Black Opal
Conk cut longwise treated Super gem twig cab
Blonde conk from Rainbow RidgeGemmy Blond Green/Blue Conk
Tops virgin valley stone. Crystal you can't see through. Multicolor "Rind" Opalized layer. Yes there's potch down the one side. It was cut the color on top of green.

 Brunette Conk from Bonanza. Opal treated. Wood conk from the Bonanza mine members area, not common NOT Dinosaur Bone.
Rough conk slab off blocky conk wad from the Bonanza Mine.

Red multicolor harlequin from 14oz knot specimen the entire rind is not gem but most is.Crystals' Opal Creations

Johns good branch from the year he quit the Bonanza.2005 The last Bonanza wood I dug out. Hot blue/green wood with blue and red flashes running down the grain, not just across the face but down a vein through teh limb.

Juniper Ridge Opal Flow Stone formation.Fir Opal flow stone
Jasp-opal prize for the 2012 Opal Auctions Cutting Contest - 1 oz.
Juniper Ridge Fire opal prize for the 2012 Opal Auctions Cutting Contest  - 1 oz.
Opal Auction Cutting competition prize of Virgin Valley Opal
Virgin Valley Prize Opals for the 2012 Opal Auctions Cutting Contest  Picked from the $10 and up a gram YOU PICK tub. That stuff should cut up looking as good as any opal. Congratulations Toby Batiste from California, the winner of the 2013 Opal Autions Forum Opal cutting contest!

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