Road Map to Virgin Valley

A Google earth map is on my friends page...

The fee dig mines are six to nine miles off the pavement on well graded gravel and dirt roads. Kokopelli Mining is right off the main graded road. All the fee digs, being in clay are closed in any heavier rains or snow as you will be bogged in with mud you can not negotiate.

Denio Jct  is the only closest services 30+ miles from the mines. CAFE, BAR, MOTEL, & STORE. 1-775-941-0171.  GAS AT FIELDS

The town of Denio is 3 miles north of the Hwy 140  has no services. HWY 292 Jct. POST OFFICE and  LIBRARY (The Diamond Inn Bar closed)
Fields General Store & Cafe in Fields, OR (23 miles north of Denio Jct) GAS, CAFE, MOTEL, STORE, TIRE SERVICE & PROPANE.
 1-541-495-2275 See Links page.

Adel Store is about 65 miles west on HWY 140 toward Lakeveiw with GAS, bar and CAFE. Limited hours.

Winnemucca is 127 miles to the southeast for the closest 24 hour services: casinos, car repairs, and cat houses.

Lakeview is a smaller full service town 100 miles west but has NO 24 hour gas. It's smaller than Winnemucca.