For amounts of any one type, please write/call me to check availability.
John Church IS on Facebook with the Virgin Valley Opal Group, and I also participate in many groups as an expert.

Natural broken green glowing thunder eggs
Natural thunder egg halves. All have good green glow centers in long wave ultraviolet light (poster bulbs) $1 a pound.
Mesolite/scalpolite cabs from Nevada
Mesolite / Scalpolite /Calcite Sagenite cabs from Oregon I seem to be the only seller of. Chatoyant with great polishes at $3 a ct.

Swordfish Mines colored opals.
Common opals from Virgin Valley. Variegated colors $3 a ct.

Jasp-opal from Swordfish Mines.
This is the bright red yellow Jaspopal I found a non continueing vein at only $4 a ct. No volume buys or rough possible. A German buyer got all I was going to share of the rough and I have not seen any come back into our market. The pocket was mined out years ago.
Psilomelene nuggets with natural desert varnish polishing. Very interesting shapes - from Nevada.
Hand picked small Psilomelene nuggets from our claims (manganese, merlinite, romanchite...) Natural desert polished botroidal nuggets at $30 a pound. It polishes up just like Hematite to a black or steel gray mirror surface. Not agatized like the crown of silver mine with pyrolusite layers.
Idaho drusy geode blue grey.
A nice display geode from Idaho in blue-gray agate. $25. Long wave fluorescent response. Many more of these for less., but not as fine.
Translucent green jasper slabs.
Translucent green jasper (porcelain) slabs. By the piece or slabs. Inquire for current offers. Those pockets, not a seam, are few & far between.
Maybe ya'll would like to hear some great new cowboy comedy from the heart of Oregon? Jeff Waldens's debut album fresh from Nashville. He was the operator at the Opal Queen Mine that many of you came to know and like. Jeff Walden
This man has kept us enthralled for hours.
      NEVADA Obsidian Flow glass.  These look like small tektites, obsidian flow glass are small pieces that have eroded out and show flow lines. They are dark green in color and small from the placer deposits in Virgin Valley. The largest are not 1 inch by 3/4 inch by 1/4 inch.  I have them at 25 of various under 1/2 inch sizes for $1 plus S&H.
       Davis Creeek Obsidians, I have bulk cobbles and some slabs from most of the mines open and closed from my commercial operation there.
     TUFAs  The tufa blooms I select are prime veiwing stones such as face rocks, hearts, or pretty ones not just big beehives.  $1 each for well made little over 1" "roses" and larger than your fist for $5.  Great big ones are $50 dollars like the 25lb face rock in my garden or $2 a pound. They look just like Concrete brains or corals.


5$ ZINCITE crystalsZincite crystals such as this fine Czech sublimination specimen are $15 a gram.

ZINCITE tiny crystals are $4 a gramin pours until my supply is exhausted.  These are from the sold out Czech Republic smelter source.

 Fulgarite from AZ Fulgarites $5 and up from ARIZONA: I have one flat left of the rarest La Paz Co material left. These are the fancies with the coriolis "hairs" still intact. Very fragile and uncommon.

     I've also helped Mike Metcalf of M2 Stone mine his outstanding Graveyard Point Plume Agates. I have some choice cutting rough available. $20 a pound for rare Jellybean Jasper and $25 a pound for the rarer North Point Plume material. These are hand picked pieces of the best grade material.  I can't keystone to dealers on these, sorry. Slabs are available at shows for 75$ a pound give or take for the multi-color plumes quality.

 Swordfish mining also offers a limited selection of other hand picked Nevada, Oregon, California, and Idaho cutting materials in small quantities.
 Orange Borning Plume agate display Hot orange Angel wing Agate display 20$ a pound. There is ONE flat only out of the dig left of vug that made this going in. Might be more in the mountain that was reclaimed. North Point Plume Mine, Graveyard Point, OR. Only one flat of 4 large pieces and a few smaller chunks. These are surface displays as the plume in the solid agate is minimal. Surface colours are bright and natural with fine agate fur, looks like it is burning. Will scrub off if abused and not just dusted.

 Big Clean facet grade crystals. Light to dark. Terminated and facet rough chunks. There is a 1 kilo one you can see through in my ESTY store.
Huge Idaho Smokey Quartz Double TerminatorTen Pound unbonked double terminated facet grade Smoky Quartz crystal.  $5,000 at Crystals Virgin Valley Creations. This huge Double Terminated Smoky Quartz was on the scanner to show it's clarity. This is a real special faceting grade crystal that has not been acid cleaned and it is totally unbonked. $5,000 consignment  There are many other nice gem clean crystals in the lot. Some top grade facet, some nice crystal points, and shards. Some have chlorite inclusions for a Absinthe like greenish glow to the faceted stones.

Smoky Quartz for cutting or display, bright and clean. Beautiful crystals from Idaho, terminated and in chunks. The dark to light black crystals run from small points to  pound plus singles. Some have nice chlorite inclusions and faint phantoms. Virgin crystals fresh from the mine untouched by acid. One 10 pound DT that's unbelievable at only, $50 a pound. Small green fadens that resemble those from Madagascar. Fairy twins to wrap at $3 a gram. A new location was barely missed by the Wilderness withdrawals.  Faceting grade, eye clean, non-terminated material is $5 an oz or $150 a kilo.
Idaho Quartz Crystal DT GeneratorTen pound DT Smoky rocketship from Idaho.
BARTLETT MOUNTAIN CRYSTALS:    Swordfish Mining exclusively sells some crystals mined on a remote outcrop in the Black Rock Desert. They are unusual multiple double terminated clusters that are under 3 inches and have a black manganese coating. Elestials if I had to label them. Both right and left handed habits all uncleaned. The manganese coating is a flat black color and gives these crystals unique calming powers for the  meta-physical users I've been told.  These strange crystals can be added to your collection for $10 each & postage for an over 2" specimen with multiple points.  No poundage is available.  Insides are white and clear and I can't say I noticed a lot of phantoms in the ones I cleaned. Most have rough surfaces, not mirror bright planes after mineral cleaning was done.